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last season the Tampa Bay pirates defense team season limits the number of rivals to rank the tenth in the league. But they restricted their opponents only to the league's twenty-sixth, and they all made their opponents 26.1 points. but the team defender Dafydd Di Feng line (Lavonte David) said: "I think we can become the best defensive team, I am very serious to say, we can complete the NFL history, the history of piracy, all this is our attitude." if you want to become the best defensive alliance group, they need to progress in many places, first they need to reduce the opponent scoring less than 10 points per game, if they will exceed 2000 Baltimore crow. But the pirates lost 179 points in only 6 games last season, and they lost 165 points all over the 2000 crows cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . The raven of the year just pushed the opponent up to 3967 yards, and the pirates pushed the opponent to 5446 yards in the last season. obviously the gap between the pirates is still large, but it does not affect Dafydd's confidence.Brian Bosworth (Brian Bosworth) is not a group prosecution. NFL alliance is one of the players who treat the concussion treatment of players wrongly. But now Bosworth is preparing the document to start the prosecution process. TMZ sports program reported that Bosworth is suing NFL to prove that his comprehensive concussion is not treated properly, and the alliance knows what it will do to his brain. At the same time, he also sues the helmet manufacturer Riddell. Bosworth entered the league in 1987, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, he was a star player at University of Oklahoma in college, only played 3 seasons in the race, he said he occupation has been plagued by injuries, severe headache and amnesia. these questions seem to sound so similar, just as the former players have said to sue the alliance. The alliance's response to this is that the alliance will pay a certain fee to teams of all ages according to the program. also, as Bosworth did during the player period, he is now working on his Josh Norman (Josh Norman) is missing for four weeks because of the rib injury. Norman released tweet on Friday that it will return after four weeks. There is no match in the red skin this week, so Norman will only be absent from three games, with 49 opponents, hawks and cowboys. Norman started all 16 games for the red skin last year, and all 4 games have been started this year. He was injured in the ribs in the Monday night match against the chief of the chief and had a serious injury to the lung function. Norman's absence will be a big loss in red skin. Last year he made 67 grappling and 3 copies for the team.The official website of NFL | red manager explained why | football interrupted the interview Monday night race Washington Redskins win over the Dallas Cowboys news beyond all expectations and has not been widely spread, but after the Redskins manager Toni (Tony Wyllie) - power hastily pushed quarterback colt McCoy (Colt McCoy) and interrupt ESPN in an interview with reporters this picture was viral spread. Tuesday morning, the power he had told TMZ sports reporters pushed the m'coy go and interrupted the interview because we need to go back to the locker room to the quarterback coach Joey Gruden (Jay Gruden) after mobilization. said: we need to participate in the mobilization speech after the quarterback, I did not decide any interview, I just want to hear McCoy coach's words, we think he must be inside. said the power when Gruden speech after McCoy went out and interviewed. He came out at the end of the dressing room and continued to be interviewed, and we ended up with a good end. is it impossible to speak without a starting quarterback without a starting quarterback? Who is the winner of the team's winning game this season? We will find that it is hard to say, now m'coy for Gruden is very important.

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