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leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) told us his offseason plan: the same as last year. The on Tuesday was again playing on the franchise tag Pittsburgh Steelers running back on Instagram said he would wait until the first week of the season to the team report, refused to participate in the regular season but he won't. "honestly, no, I won't stop," Baer said. "I will go to the team base in the first week. This will be a repeat of the arrangement last year. I won't go to the training camp. I will not engage in additional activities such as off-season training such as not to." Baer in the offseason last year with the same arrangement, he missed all the training, until September 1st report to the team and signed a contract privilege label. 26 year old Baer in his last offseason training, but training with no influence in his playing time and status at the beginning of the season and the team. 3 weeks before the game he averaged 60 yards rushing the ball, the ball has 18.7 yards, 3 games won only 1 touchdowns. want to make sure that the last thing the Steelers will not happen, but they are ready to let Baer play back label contract privilege. On Wednesday, the Steel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ers wide receiver Antonio Brown recombinant (Antonio Brown) released a $9 million 700 thousand contract, salary space. This decision should be considered as the Steelers Baer's privilege label contract make room. looks like Baer and Steelers are reluctant to change positions in the negotiations. Unless someone unexpectedly make concessions can be expected until the start of the regular season we will see Baer on the Steelers base.AFLC second round ended yesterday, two wars -- Hongkong City vs Hongkong, Shanghai Cobra hawk warriors vs Shanghai nighthawk. Cobra and Nighthawk made their victory. The Shanghai warriors and Shanghai Nighthawk game can be said to be a game of domestic football history the most wonderful, both play a maximum potential score does not stop each other over the outcome of the suspense until the last second of the game. The last 6 minutes, the warriors then punt return touchdowns, score counter ultra 4 points; the last 2 minutes, the warriors scored Nighthawk red zone; finally, 1 and a half, and two touchdowns goatsucker successful conversion, counter ultra 4 points, forcing the Warriors must touchdown to reverse; the last 40 seconds, the Warriors scored goatsucker red area; the last 4 seconds, warriors quarterback try passing offense, the ball to the outside over the hands of Nighthawk two defenders in place at the same time, the continuous hand swatted the ball, finally resisted the final counterattack. The second round of ranking & score wins a negative field division team winning home court away winning total score total score points for the Eastern District of Shanghai 20 1/1 Shanghai 703634 1/1 Nighthawk 1/1 Titan 11 0/1 482523 Shanghai warriors 11 1/1 Hangzhou 0/1 47407 0/1 02 0/1 1478-64 North Chongqing Osprey dochers 20 1/1 0/1 502624 0/0 26620 2/2 20 Wuxi Trident Beijing cyclone 02 0/1 Chengdu 0/1 626-20 0/1 02 0/1 2650-24 southern Hongkong ritmeester Cobra 20 1/1 1/1 411229 0/1 11 1/1 301515 Hongkong Guangzhou goat hawk 11 0/1 1/1 3039-9 0/1 1348-35 0/1 02 Guangzhou Apache Eastern Hangzhou: osprey, Shanghai warriors Shanghai Titans 0:34 22:26 Shanghai Nighthawk North: Chengdu Wuxi ritmeester 6:14 Trident, Chongqing dock worker 14:6 Beijing cyclone : South Guangzhou Apache 6:30 Guangzhou goat, Hongkong Cobra hawk 32:12 Hongkong third round prediction The warriors game at dochers, is definitely a revenge game; a cobra war horse horse road to the west, hope to take advantage of home court advantage; Trident third home court, now Masamori, and Titan will not show mercy, is bound to win this war on the north; the cyclone, probably both is canzhen duel, and hawk stronger point; nighthawk and Osprey in Guangzhou will be joining respectively on the battle of goat and Apache, Nighthawk strength is strong, but the subjective still attach great importance to the goat race, Osprey experienced Eastern devil experience, must grow. More than half of the conventional .In the "Pateá El Tablero" slogan, Messi (Lionel Messi), Di Maria (Á ngel; Di Marí a), Ravec (Ezequiel Lavezzi), angel Correa (· Á ngel Correa) and Lucas · (Lucas Biglia); biglia appears in New Jersey advertising.The official website of NFL | Malcolm Butler hopes for a new deal | football season Malcolm - Butler (Malcolm Butler) finished the transcribing of the super bowl, and now he wants to win more for himself. learned that the new England patriot's corner guard didn't take part in the training camp organized by the team on Thursday. According to ESPN's news, the reason why he couldn't attend was the contract problem. reporter said: Butler told his teammates and relatives and friends that he plans to adjust his contract before the start of the 2016 season, maybe he will not participate in the voluntary training camp, or he may also make a statement to express his dissatisfaction with the current contract terms. Butler played basketball with his teammates in a nearby high school a few weeks ago, so he didn't have anything else, but so far, Butler's agent didn't answer any phone calls or mail. , in 2014, Butler signed a contract with the patriot in the new rookie. He could earn 600 thousand dollars at the end of the season. He will face a contract reorganization in 2017, provided that he and the Patriots could not agree. in March this year, Butler once said his contract problem: the contract will be discussed one day, we can't avoid it. I just continue to do well, keep myself in good condition. I hope it will happen as soon as possible, but I can't control all this. last season, Butler finished 16 games, is also the first to become the first, completed 15 anti pass and 67 capture 2 copies.

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