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Oakland Raiders wide receiver Cooper Amari (Amari Cooper) on Thursday once again missed training. He did not take part in the training yesterday. Cooper sprained his left ankle in the last match. He is not expected to play in the face of the Dallas cowboy. Cooper was originally injured in the ankle against Denver Mustang, and he had a concussion in that game. he returned in the last game, but only insisted on 14 offense. The Raiders in the past 4 games, he missed the game against the New York giants, only 4 receptions 36 yards and 2 touchdowns. this season, Cooper just finished 42 ball 499 yards and 5 touchdowns.The official website of NFL | ram left Jiefeng is a foregone conclusion | football season with the Kansas Emirates last week, Saint Louis rams are 2 - 5 and they need to work harder in th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e next half of the race. According to American football team will lose their column reports, the main left Jiefeng Lang Jack (Jake Long) this is his second season by a torn ligament trouble, last December against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game he suffered the same injury. Lang and the team finished half the game after signing a 4 - year 34 million - year contract. His pass protection was not as good as the previous years. the next team needs to look for a substitute in the next 9 games left Jiefeng candidate, Robinson (Robinson) is now played left guard, before Jiefeng, maybe he can protect outside.The game was the first time the chief of Kansas City did not have a serious injury in the game this season, causing the player to retire. Although the team has not seen new injuries for the time being, several important main forces are still struggling with the injury. They need to race with time to try to catch up with the new England patriots this weekend. In the first list of injuries announced by this week, the situation of 4 major players has not improved for the time being. Safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) last week because of an ankle injury lack of war, until today still unable to attend training. An ankle injury running back Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), knee and ankle injuries are Weitanba line - Harry (Tamba Hali) and groin injury cornerback Sean Smith (Sean Smith) is a very small amount of training, the team is still in the observation of their health status. Of the 3, Charles was out of war last week. There are 2 players on the list of injuries that deserve our attention. Ran Wei De Anthony - Thomas (De Anthony Thomas) has a hamstring injury, Joe - McNight (Joe McKnight) of Achilles tendon discomfort. The team had expected new rookie Thomas to provide more help for the team's attack, and the result was a injury that had not made a record of the season. The completion of the 6 play, McKnight ball, a total of 64 yards, and scored 2 touchdowns, 3 data team leader.Handball | Jackie Chan became Guangzhou 'Asian ambassadors': honor is | mission | hand Co June 1st, Jackie Chan (left) to accept appointment of ambassador. On the same day, the Organizing Committee of the Guangzhou Asian Games formally hired Jackie Chan to serve as the Promotion Ambassador of the Guangzhou Asian Games. Gong Lei, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, Xinhua June 1st Beijing sports special telegram (reporter Ma Bangjie) Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee 1 announced in Beijing: the famous Chinese Hongkong artist Jackie Chan will become the Guangzhou Asian Games Promotion Ambassador. Jackie Chan said it was both an honor and a mission. The Guangzhou Asian Organizing Committee issued a promotional certificate for Jackie Chan at a press conference in Beijing. The Deputy Secretary General of the organizing committee, ancient Shiyang, expressed the hope that Jackie Chan could use his positive image and popularity to publicize the Guangzhou Asian Games and the Olympic spirit throughout the world. Jackie Chan said: it's a great honor to be the "Promotion Ambassador" of the Asian Games. I have some busy next year. I will do my best to promote the promotion and promotion of the Guangzhou Asian Games. (finished)

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