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Indianapolis pony defense striker Jones (Art Jones) seems to be the ideal candidate to get into the short list of short-term injuries. The pony, who is in urgent need of the helper in the defense group, will seek help whenever and wherever. but Jones's ankle injuries are too serious. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday that when he underwent surgery Friday, Jones was placed on the list of injured patients by the pony, which means he was reimbursed for the season. when he was healthy, Jones, 29, was one of the best players he was in, but health was an unpredictable concept. Jones since 2012 has 16 regular season attendance. After signing a $33 million 5 - year contract with , Jones was expected to be able to stabilize the defense team that has caused hinder to the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pony in recent years. The defensive team was one of their biggest weaknesses when the pony was trying to hit the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. Jones will have to wait a year to get back to the game. It can be expected that the pony will be very active in the days after the downsizing day.The official website of NFL | Lynch will decide whether to play football before | Seattle Seahawks hope to usher in the first win of the season this week, but the team ran Wei Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) or in the absence of this crucial game. local time on Friday, coach Carol Pete Carroll said in an interview that Lynch is currently troubled by calf injury and will decide whether he can play against Chicago bears before the game. Lynch was injured in the match with Green Bay Packers last week. He missed the training of local team on Wednesday this week, and he only attended a small amount of training on Thursday. 29 year old Lynch this season started slowly for the past 2 weeks, only the ball 33 times for 114 yards, but failed to get any touchdowns. In the past 2 seasons, Lynch rushing touchdowns were to lead the league, the Seahawks need to attack the core recovery as soon as possible.injury report Thursday for the Seattle Seahawks is not a good news, because of their wide receiver Paul Richardson (Paul Richardson) had a hamstring injury missed training, and before 6 in the local time on Wednesday did not participate in the training of players is still hanging mianzhanpai on Thursday. The includes three first attack strikers - Center Marx Engelhard (Max Unger) (left knee), Jiefeng Russell AOKANG (Russell Okung) (lung contusion), right guard J.R. Thwaites (J.R. Sweezy) (ankle). If these three people can play on Sunday and then quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) will play at the weekend in a severe test, in the last month with the Arizona Cardinals in the first match, it was Wilson kill more than 7. coach Pete Carroll didn't receive interviews on Thursday, so the further news of these players' injuries still need to wait until Friday's training. Carol,2015 Guangzhou world bowling week April 19th Pan Yuehong won | Bowling Tournament news: CpBA occupation Bowling League 2015 Guangzhou world bowling week April 19th the end of the game, Pan Yuehong won the championship, won the runner up on zhe Yun River, third! Guangzhou world April 19th champion Pan Yuehong Guangzhou great world bowling alley 2015 Guangzhou big world bowling April 19th week performance: serial number name first second third fourth points deduction total bureau bureau ranking points 1 Pan Yuehong 254257215204930110 208201202236847293 211214226196847384 strokes on zhe Yun River Zhi Feng 191215190228824566 Takeda Youngmin 200214199211824657 Zhu Jingtao 188235256188-3083747 5 leaflets 202215235171823758 215194204204817859 Hualong 225192219181817951 Zhao Liang Zhong Takeo Chung 221178201210810105 11 Xu Qiming 184189246191810115 12 210234188178810125 13 216176224191807135 old Zhao Jianguo Liang Yongming Ni Jianhua 21418817519824 15 204192225180801145 14 79915516 201204182210797164 17 177201202190247941 418 Chen Zhiqiang Jiang Yaquan golden rain 211188171223793 lucky prize 519 small Su 191208170200247931 420 Shao laugh 167 18〉

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