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NFL cancels the hall of fame between Green Bay and Indianapolis pony due to bad site conditions. Jim Irsay, the boss of the pony, evaluated the decision to cancel the game. "we are disappointed that the site didn't meet the standard today," Il told reporters. "We will completely check what happened to make sure that it won't happen again. Earlier today, both the league and the players' Union checked the field and thought it was suitable for the game. Then some of the problems related to the paint have happened, which is very rare, so we will look into the matter. " , "of course we're disappointed, we know a lot of people coming to watch the game so we'll make sure we take care of all the fans who have paid for it. It's very uncommon, please... At the same time, after nearly half a century in the alliance, I've seen something like this a few times before. It's not common, we'll make sure it won't happen again. " The pony and the packer fans took a great deal at the hall of fame weekend, but in the end it was a disappointing result. Although the two teams didn't play in the final match, ilsay said that the problem didn't cover the joy brought by the Tony Dungy and Malvin Harrison (Marvin Harrison) in the hall of fame.little Carle hit a record breaking record of the Raiders' time to beat the pirate The Oakland Raiders, led by the two young quarterback of the young quarterback, and the Pirates of Tampa Bay, were in a confrontation with the two young quarterback. At first, the main advantage was pirates. They first scored 3 points through free kick, and then killed the Carr Derek Carr. They use this opportunity from the Raide cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rs began to attack the final four points the first half, Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) at long pass found wide receiver Russell Shepard (Russell Shepard) for a 19 yard touchdown. The raider's side of the attack did not go well until the middle of the second section only got 3 points by shooting. The first half of the pirates took the lead in 10-3. But in the second half Raiders offensive team began to force, they start from the 25 yard line in the first wave of attack, the pirates can not withstand their passing attack, Carle eventually found it offensive tackle Donald as the ball player Payne (Donald Penn) made a touchdown Raiders equaliser. In the subsequent pirate attack failed after the Raiders touchdowns and counter ultra score, this is Carle Cooper to pass over Ammari (Amari Cooper) outside the top team completed a 34 yard touchdown. But the pirates in the third quarter by Winston at the end of a long pass from midcourt to Raiders 5 yard line, and finally by Winston short passes to tight end Cameron - Bret (Cameron Brate) made a touchdown. In the middle of the fourth quarter Winston completed their 1 yards touchdown, but the attack before the end of the game the offensive again unstoppable, Carle passes to tight end from Rivera (Mychal Rivera) completed a 7 yard touchdown equaliser. The two sides entered the overtime race. After the two sides were sawing the most half of the time, the Raiders were less than 2 minutes left to the pirate 41 yards to face the four gear 3 yards, and they were bold in choosing a strong attack. Carle took over the pass found outside the Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts), the latter two pirates defensive player holds collision together for a 43 yard touchdown run errors. The Raiders killed the pirates by 30-24. This game the Vikings quarterback Winston 32 passes 16 successful 180 yards and 2 touchdowns. Raiders quarterback Carle 59 passes 40 times success a staggering 513 yards and 4 touchdowns. Cooper took 12 catches and 173 yards and 1 touchdowns. ???????????? ?????????????? last season National League final opponent reunion, the two teams last season, the League of nations the strongest current situation is not good, the Carolina Panthers had just suffered four successive defeats and the Arizona Cardinals only ranked third in the district. At the beginning of the game the Cardinals suffered a blow and a shout, quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) was to kill the ball, the Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis) get back off the ball and 46 Return yards made a touchdown. After the Cardinals have been.Softball in elementary and middle schools base | sunshine sports advanced county working conference was held November 29th, softball school sunshine sports advanced county working seminar jointly organized by the Institute of sports and health education Chinese branch and Chinese Softball Association held at the State Sports General Administration, softball program will enter the campus activities in the country to promote the overall. director of director of sports and health branch Song Jinxian, Vice Chairman Mao Zhen Ming, Chinese Education Institute of Central Research Institute of Education Science Center of Wu Wei Yi Key State Sports General Administration, deputy director of the Department of the Minister of Youth Division softball director Zhang Zhi deputy director, center bangleiqiu hand song Lei Jun, Jiang Xiuyun, Yang Xu, vice minister Tong Wang and other counties and municipalities from the Department of education and Sports Bureau, responsible for 88 representatives and the staff, school principals, softball backbone teachers and other 56 units attended the seminar. The meeting makes a detailed introduction of the project: Softball softball English, called TEEBALL, is a form of competitive sports equipment after softening, softball simplified rules, designed for the promotion of baseball and softball project, has the advantages of competition, collective, convenience and high safety, convenient for school and foreign exchange so, very suitable for carrying out in the primary school, the primary school in the country has been widely welcomed. Chinese Education Association of sports and health branch Song Jinxian, many education experts said: Softball project set of running, jumping and throwing, playing in one, not only in the exercise of students need enough exercise, but more emphasis on the sensitive reaction ability of selected mobile phone, is conducive to the cultivation of students' cooperation and team spirit. Ball and bat are made of foam rubber, high safety, in addition to softball site can be compatible with other sports, to facilitate the promotion on campus. Zhang Zhi, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration youth Secretary said at the meeting, the administration will fully support our Youth Softball into campus activities, hope to be able to make such a full of wisdom, full of intelligence, physical fitness and skill set in one of the project development team to the classroom and extracurricular activities in primary and secondary schools, the education function of play softball and cultural function, don't just regard softball as a sport, but also to regard it as an educational platform. , the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song director Lei Jun said at the meeting, softball into the campus has been China education society especially in sports and health branch support, so only the softball in primary and secondary school curriculum plan and now in a good situation in the country to promote the overall activities of the core purpose; on teenagers, students physical health, physical and mental development, the development mode, all localities should benefit by mutual discussion with their own conditions according to local conditions, this is the general idea All flowers bloom together.. The deputy director of national hand bar center, vice president of the International Softball Federation and vice president of the China Softball Association, Jiang Xiuyun,This is the new Nike 1, 4 spherical structure greatly reduces the football joint, and expanded the hitting area. 2, the use of 3D printing ink technology new, enhanced sense of texture and grip, and have a more distinctive color contrast. 4, by spherical multilayer polyurethane bonded together, provide excellent tactility for players.Join ACC 6, with cloth wrapped in latex liner can keep the pressure more stable than the traditional rubber liner, not easy to leak. The new Nike

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